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Pathways To Protection: Options for Managing Inclusion Body Hepatitis (PCPP PSOL 2022)

  PCPP Poultry School Online (PSOL) 2022 Title of Presentation: PATHWAYS TO PROTECTION: OPTIONS FOR MANAGING INCLUSION BODY HEPATITIS ________________________________________________________________ Speaker: SHERWIN I. CAMBA, DVM, PhD, Dip. PCPP ________________________________________________________________ Abstract:  For years, fowl adenoviruses (FAdV) received less attention due to limited clinical importance in poultry production. Based on recent studies, FAdV infections in chickens have undergone substantial changes driven by host, environment, and pathogen factors. It is now considered as a primary pathogen that also causes immunosuppression in poultry. FAdVs mainly infect 3- to 6-week-old broilers and 10- to 20-week-old layers and breeder pullets. This emerging pathogen persistently exists in the environment for a long period of time and is transmitted both horizontally and vertically. The first step of FAdV infection is the attachment of virus to the host cell by binding to th

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